The theme of WUF10 Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation, provides a great opportunity for this initiative to gooutside the confines of National Exhibition Centre, to show the residents of Abu Dhabi, the expatriates, the tourists and other visitors what the World Urban Forum is about and how culture and innovation are the building blocks of cities. In addition, the initiative aims todemonstrate the value of smart innovative urban planning and design, how this can transform cities and the lives of people living inthem and how culture is a building block for resilient cities.

Anchored on the building design methodology known as ‘estidama’ (the Arabic word for sustainability), a key aspect of Abu DhabiVision 2030, the Culture and Urban Development Initiative will showcase Abu Dhabi’s leadership in investing in high quality, welcomingand multi-functional places for and with people.

The initiative especially aims to:

> Activate a public space through a variety of low-cost high impact interventions, focusing on inviting people to experience culture,design and innovation.

> To inspire a permanent transformation and longer-term action by creating an alternative experience that is memorable, and a placethat is welcoming, engaging, playful and active.

> Showcase Abu Dhabi’s leadership in leveraging culture and heritage to transform spaces into ‘sticky’ places that exemplifyenvironmental sustainability and community development.