Aimed at transferring practical skills and knowledge in specific areas related to the WUF 10 theme: Cities of opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation, the training sessions will equip participants with the know how and tools to address development challenges in the context of dynamic cultural shifts and rapid technological innovation.



Organizations involved in training including UN agencies, international and national training institutions, academic think tanks, universities, government bodies, capacity building institutions and other stakeholders are invited to organize training sessions at WUF10.

Each training session lasts three hours, with 30-50 participants. Audio/visual systems, podiums, interpreters’ booths and interpretation equipment for training events will be provided at no cost to organizers. However, requests for interpretation services must be made in advance and are paid for by organizers.

Costs associated with travel and accommodation for facilitators, as well as preparation and distribution of training material will be borne by respective organizers. The WUF10 Secretariat will coordinate logistics such as venue bookings and registration of participants.