Access to information is key to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Designed to attract a large focused audience, the Urban Library will provide a space for launching the latest publications, reports, guidelines and books in line with the theme of the Forum and contributing to sustainable urban development.

The Urban Library will host lively debates between authors, speakers and audience from different fields on how improved access to information can positively contribute to sustainable urban development and provide an opportunity to explore information exchange and collaboration on the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs, especially Goal 11.

The space will connect people to knowledge, information, and people to people and enabling people to stay engaged with relevant knowledge on sustainable urban development through latest innovative tools, publications, books, database and research.The Urban Library will also provide an opportunity to share innovative best practices and emerging evidence-based policies that will be hosted by the New Urban Agenda Platform to promote and support knowledge sharing and collaboration efforts that advance sustainable urban development. Urban related books exchange is encouraged.