Grassroots Assembly

Hall 4, Room D

The Grassroots Assembly is a platform to give voice to communities including the most vulnerable to provide inputs into the accelerated implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the “Urban Goal”, SDG11.

In line with the theme of the World Urban Forum “Connecting Culture and Innovation”, the grassroots assembly will provide a platform for grassroots organizations, community leaders and their partners to reflect on the needs and opportunities to ensure that local knowledge, innovations, and diversity are taken into consideration in the development agenda.

Grassroot organizations - in linkage with communities and other partners - are key to ensure social inclusion and cultural integration for sustainable development. Furthermore, grassroots are important stakeholders to ensure the Right to the City for all and achieve the realization of human rights in cities – including the Right to adequate housing, water, sanitation, civic engagement–as they enable the voicing of the needs of the most vulnerable. Identifying the added value of grassroots and communities and engaging with them as a key stakeholder in urban development will contribute to inclusive economic growth for cities that are diverse, affordable and accessible to all.

Grassroots organizations are then the catalyst for the mobilization of local knowledge and innovations that can be leveraged for an upscaled impact to ensure the sustainability and the cultural adequacy of the actions towards the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

  • Providing a platform for representatives of the most excluded in urban development and sustainable urbanization to exchange and elaborate on a common vision towards leveraging culture and innovation to transform people’s lives;
  • Committing to advocate for people-centered solutions for innovations and culture;
  • Voicing the needs for technical, financial support to governments;
  • Identifying opportunities for partnership and exchange to strengthen and increase the impact of bottom-up approaches;
  • Contributing to a common voice during the World Urban Forum events and outcomes.
Guiding Questions
  1. What are the needs of grassroots associations and organised communities in order to make the voice heard, and which support is needed?
  2. What partnerships are needed and where do opportunities lay?
  3. What are gaps and opportunities for addressing cultural adequacy and applying innovative approaches to overcoming inequality and exclusion?
  4. How can the local know-how, successes, lessons learned to be leveraged for innovation at scale?

Session Speakers

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