The dialogues are the high-profile events at the Forum and will set the tone for consideration during that day and throughout the week’s gatherings and well after the Forum. They intend to collect inputs on key aspects of sustainable urbanization directly related to the main theme and the sub-themes. Six dialogues are planned for the Forum and will explore and deepen the knowledge especially on the sub-themes.

The draft sub-themes for the WUF10 Dialogues

Dialogue 1: Urbanization, Culture and Innovation

This dialogue will explore how urbanization affects and is affected by culture and innovation: perspectives from different parts of the world, regional specific

Dialogue 2: Driving Sustainable Urbanization through Innovation and Culture

This dialogue will examine the role that innovation and culture can play in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and internationally agreed goals and targets relevant to sustainable urbanization and human settlements.

Dialogue 3: Tradition and Modernity: A Creative Convergence for Better Cities

This dialogue will explore how cities can maximize tradition and modernity to sustainable outcomes (economic, social and environmental).

Dialogue 4: Frontier Technologies and Cities

The dialogue will promote further debate on the increasingly pervasive role of frontier technologies in transforming urban areas and responding to urban issues with perspectives from different regions of the world.

Dialogue 5: Urban Planning and Heritage Preservation/Regeneration

This dialogue will examine the role that urban and territorial polices can play in preserving cultural heritage, including promoting cultural infrastructure, sites, museums and assets. How can urban planning leverage cultural heritage for regenerating revitalizing urban areas?

Dialogue 6: Partnerships, networks and global initiatives supporting culture and innovation in Cities

This dialogue will explore that nature of the global partnerships and global initiative that are supportive of cultural and innovation in cities.