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Networking Events at the World Urban Forum provide a platform for governments, partners, civil society organizations, private sector, community representatives, international and national organizations, academia, international and regional finance Institutions, and other United Nations entities to discuss specific topics of relevance and interest within the theme of the Forum and touching on the urban agenda.

The Networking Event format provides an opportunity to build knowledge, strengthen partnerships and networks through sharing ideas and identifying best practices in an effort to advance sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the globe. As the world advances fast to an urban future, Networking Events organized by hundreds of partners from all parts of the world provide a window through which the prospects of dealing with challenges of humanity’s living conditions may be better understood and addressed.

Networking Events last strictly not more than 2 hours and are held in rooms with an average audience capacity of 100 people. Standard technical equipment e.g. audio system, microphones, presentation screen, laptop for projections like video or power point will be made available at no cost to the organizer. Each room has a podium (table and 4 chairs) and some rooms have an interpreters’ booth plus required equipment (at no cost). Interpretation services however need to be requested for at an early stage and paid upfront by the organizer.

How to apply

The online application to organize a Networking Event opened on 31 July 2019.  It is necessary to submit the online application before the deadline of 14 October 2019. Please read the WUF10 concept paper and selection criteria below prior to filling out the online application form. Applications received within the deadline will be reviewed by a selection panel and event organizers shall be informed of the outcome from 4 November 2019 onwards.

We wish you all the best with your application.

Download WUF10 Concept paper

Download Networking Event Selection criteria

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