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Hon. Nicolás Galarza

Hon. Nicolás Galarza

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development | Vice-Minister of Environmental Land Management

Hon. Nicolás Galarza

Mr Galarza Sánchez is an Internationalist of the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá and holds a Master of Urban Planning from NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Mr Galarza Sánchez was a Research Scholar in the Urban Expansion program of the NYU Marron Institute, where he worked with the laureate Economy Nobel Prize, Professor Paul Romer, and the recognized urban planner Shlomo Angel. At NYU, he led various projects in different cities of the region, promoting orderly urban expansion. Mr Galarza Sánchez has co-authored different publications, including the Urban Expansion Atlas 2016 Edition and the Urban Expansion Atlas of Colombia. Prior to the Marron Institute, Mr Galarza Sánchez was an advisor of the High Presidential Counselor for Social Action and Director of the Strategy for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.

From 2019 to 2020, Mr Galarza Sánchez served as the Urban Director at the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory. 

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