World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments

Hall 4, Room A

Local and regional governments are pioneers in highlighting the role of culture in sustainable urban development. Cities are constantly innovating to be able to play their role in offering inclusive cities and opportunities for all.

This World Assembly will establish a clear dialogue with the WUF10 bodies and highlight some of those efforts. The dialogues that take place within the WALRG will bring new ideas about how local and regional governments contribute to improving urban life through culture, innovation, preserving heritage and rights for culture. 

  • The World Assembly meeting in Abu Dhabi will be structured around 3 main moments, and each of these will be split into roundtables among mayors from around the world. There will be respondents from the floor to ensure an engaging dialogue, which will be linked to the themes of WUF10: cities of opportunities: culture, innovation, and sustainable urbanization:
  • The dialogues will take stock on local practices in harnessing culture and innovation as drivers for sustainable urbanization and provide greater insights into the linkages between urbanization, culture, and innovation as a basis for achieving inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and human settlements.
Guiding Questions
  1. What are the political inputs of local and regional governments, led by different members of the Global Taskforce, on culture and innovation and how it relates to local governance?
  2. How to ensure the interconnection of the global agendas in order to accelerate the pace of the New Urban Agenda’s local implementation to achieve transformation?


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