AIA/HUD Secretary Awards: Housing and Community Development Strategies for Achieving the SDGs in the US

Conference Hall B
American Institute of Architects

For the past twenty years the American Institute of Architects and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development have collaborated on an awards program designed to identify the best designed innovative projects that meet the social, economic, and environmental requirements of low-income families and communities.

Strategies employed by awardees include celebrating local culture, energy-efficiency, sustainability, self-help, and prefabrication.

Speakers will provide an overview of the awards program and lessons learned, focusing on case studies of projects that address objectives established in the sustainable development goals: eliminating poverty, protecting quality-of-life, and reducing carbon emissions.

This panel session will begin with a presentation of award-winning housing and community development initiatives that will be followed by an interactive discussion focusing on sustainable housing and community development that is inclusive, safe, and resilient. Additionally, panelists will explore how developments respond to local conditions across multiple geographic, social, and economic contexts.

They will explore the role of the arts, equity and participation in achieving excellence. Three of the projects presented will be used as case studies of cost-effective strategies suitable to a variety of economic and social contexts.


This session will provide participants with:

1) an overview of the aia/hud secretary awards and their role in achieving sustainable development goals; 

2) knowledge of the best practices in housing and community development in the US;

3) understanding of varying national strategies and the role of design professionals in these strategies

4) discussion about advancing the sustainable development goals in each participant’s community.


4:30 - Audience Introductions/ Polling - Kathleen Dorgan Moderator

4:35- Introduction to the Awards - Seth Appleton (3 min) and Simon Ha (2 min)

4:40 - Highlights of the Awards - Simon Ha

4:45 - Case Studies - Seth Appleton

4:50 - Lessons from the Awards - Denise Everson (5 min) & Seth Appleton (5 min)

5:00 - Questions and Discussion - Kathleen Dorgan Moderator

5:15-  Program completed

Session Speakers

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