Local 2030 – A global network to localize Agenda 2030

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Local 2030

Local2030 is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level by encouraging knowledge exchange amongst local and regional governments and local stakeholders of different nature and sectors, helping to bring them closer to achieving the SDGs through awareness-raising, research, data collection, campaigning and community networking for the development of effective, innovative and results-oriented local government systems for the SDGs. Local2030 mobilizes local actors in support of the Decade of Action.

Current Local2030 partners include the United Nations (UN) system, local governments, national governments, financing institutions, businesses, and private sector, foundations and philanthropy, academia and civil society to collaboratively develop and implement solutions, share best practices, monitor that advance the SDGs at the local level.

Core features of Local 2030 include convening for commitment in which the network engages in high-level advocacy with relevant actors for SDG implementation; scaling local-level for finance to support efforts to mobilize direct SDGs related finance; encouraging evidence for change by supporting reporting data in formal SDG reporting processes and the local 2030 hubs. 

The session will be held as conversations, an easy-to-use method for creating a living discussion of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in implementing SDGs at the local level. Participants will present and discuss their experience SDGs localization, with the aim of inspiring innovative practices in peer territories and in view of lunching new Local 2030 Hubs at the local level. The discussion will be focused on the three key issues for empowering local governments in advancing SDGs: finance, data, and partnerships. 

At the end of the session, participants will be invited to create a new Local2030 Hub.

  • To offer a space to exchange experiences on SDGs implementation among peers and practitioners: city managers, decision-makers, NGOs and community representatives.
  • To share trends and inspiring practices regarding the local implementation of SDGs and possible linkages with the New Urban Agenda (NUA) as an enabler for the local implementation of Agenda 2030; against the background of world leaders’ commitment to a Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs.
  • To highlight common challenges faced by local governments and local stakeholders. 
  • To establish key recommendations and lessons learned. 
  • To explore challenges faced by local stakeholders and local government  in SDGs financing, monitoring and reporting
  • To exchange support and collaboration in implementing efforts for creating Local 2030 Hubs
Guiding Questions
  1. How can cities and communities improve data knowledge and use of indicators when measuring SDGs' achievement?
  2. How can VLRs and SDGs be integrated with reporting on other commitments such as NUA?
  3. How can NUA facilitate the delivery of SDGs within urban areas? Which strategies? What examples? 
  4. How can municipal finances be improved and mobilize endogenous resources for creating specific Local SDGs projects and support the creation of new Local 2030 hubs? 
  5. Which is the value-added of the Local 2030 Hubs?

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