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Better Communities (Short Films)


Thursday, June 30, 2022


Urban Cinema


These are inspirational short films about how to make communities better. Films include: “Marmalade Lane,” a housing development like no other where a collaborative design process produced a new community, with individual homes centered around communal space, shared facilities, and a shared sense of achievement and belonging;  “East Quay,” is a movie about a group of people who get together to build a center for the community in a forgotten corner of a small harbor village; “Ainsworth” is the story of Kam and Hassan who worked with the Arsenal Foundation to resurface a soccer pitch in their neighborhood; “It Takes a Village,” is the story of a church and community fighting against all odds to transform decades of poverty, underdevelopment and disinvestment into abundance, development, and investment; “Time for Life,” is a story from Bogotá, Columbia, about an innovative project that frees up women’s time so they can invest it in their own life projects; “My Child's K-5 School Journey in Detroit: Voices from the Best Classroom Project” details the experiences of four families whose participation in a social network in Detroit informed their school choice decisions.


  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Colombia

Video Titles:

  • Marmalade Lane
  • East Quay
  • Ainsworth
  • My Child's K-5 School Journey in Detroit: Voices from the Best Classroom Project
  • Time for life
  • It Takes A Village