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Urban Expo

With more than 10,000 people expected to pass through the doors of the Katowice International Congress Centre for WUF11, the Urban Expo provides a monumental opportunity for governments, UN agencies, businesses, non-government organisations and academic institutions to showcase their solutions and innovations to achieve sustainable urbanization.

List of Exhibitors Names, stands, countries

What is the aim of the Urban Expo?

The Urban Expo is the most popular attraction at every World Urban Forum, and this year’s eleventh session in the gleaming Katowice International Congress Centre is likely to be the biggest ever.
Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their best practice, their cutting-edge technology, and their best demonstrations of how cities are the engines of solutions to the challenges of housing, transport, energy and access that stymie inclusive, equitable development.

Key features of the Expo

The Urban Expo features space for organisations and ideas of all shapes and sizes, from across the globe. Exhibitors can choose from pavilions, stands and booths to showcase their ideas.
Past World Urban Forums, including WUF10 in Abu Dhabi featured:

Country and city pavilions

Showcases for innovative and sustainable projects, initiatives and partnerships that are contributing to sustainable cities and human settlements worldwide.

UN and International Organizations stands

Presentations of norms and standards, sustainable policies, and initiatives.

Private sector stands

Pioneering technologies and other cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of rapid urbanization.

Academic stands

New evidence, trend analysis and lessons learned about what works in achieving the cities we need.

Civil Society stands

Calls to action for inclusive, equitable and participatory approaches to sustainable urbanization.

Integrated spaces

Vibrant meeting areas such as the Urban Library, Urban Cinema, and SDGs in Action to see ideas in practice.

UN-Habitat Arena

Visit the arena to see evidence of the transformative change in cities and human settlements being supported by UN-Habitat, through knowledge, policy advice, technical assistance and collaborative action.


Guidelines for Exhibitors

For further details on technical and operational aspects of participation, cost of exhibition services, shipping guidelines, and deadlines, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.

Urban Expo
Exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Manual

Urban Expo
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Shipping Forms

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