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Bridging the Affordable Housing Gap through Research, Innovation and Technology: A collaboration of industry Experts

We are excited to share our research and technologies with you!
BASE Bahay and the Hilti Foundation collaborate with experts in the academe, research, and other organizations and institutions to bring innovations and new research on affordable housing technologies this coming June 30, 2022, 12:15-13:45.

Maricen Jalandoni


date June 30, 2022 | 13:15 - 14:45
Multifunction Hall Room 6
Base Bahay Foundation Inc. initiated by the Hilti Foundation
Transforming Cities through Innovative Solutions and Technologies
NE 166


This Networking Event offers a forum to present and discuss innovation and new research and studies on affordable housing with sustainable materials and construction methodologies from the academe, research institutes, industry, and non-government organizations in Europe and Asia.

This is a collaboration of world-wide industry experts with BASE Innovation Center (BIC) of BASE Bahay and HILTI Foundation on affordable and resilient housing in the low-cost segment.

We invited experts in the field of structural design, augmented reality (Artificial Intelligence), and sustainable construction to share the latest in research and development works addressing Sustainability, Earthquake and typhoon resilience, Technology transfer through training, and Climate change in housing at the affordable segment.

Our roster of experts from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, ARUP HQ in United Kingdom, in Switzerland, HILTI Foundation in Liechtenstein and BASE-Bahay from the Philippines form this exciting forum event.

We are inviting everyone in the World Urban Forum 11 to join our networking event to experience first-hand these technologies and to share with other innovative ideas that have the potential to create Urban Cities that are more livable and sustainable.


  1. Introduce research and development initiatives being conducted for the low-income housing segment
  2. Encourage collaboration of institutions from different parts of the world to support technologies for low income housing segment
  3. Explore best practices in sustainable housing solutions for low income segment.

Session speakers

Ms. Maricen Jalandoni
Base Bahay Foundation
Mr. Luis Felipe Lopez
Head of Technology
Base Bahay Foundation
Mr. Edwin Zea Escamilla
Senior Assistant
ETH Zurich
Mr. Sebastian Kaminski
Associate Structural Engineer
Ms. Leona Fisher
Head of Communications
Mr. Johann Baar
Executive Board Member and Head of Affordable Housing
Hilti Foundation