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Bridging the gap between smart city projects and financing: good practices

Smart and innovative projects are no longer the domain of large cities, but are increasingly spreading to smaller towns and rural areas. The challenges that are being addressed by large cities in the Netherlands are equally relevant for small villages in the Czech countryside, for example. What are the best approaches to developing smart and innovative projects? What examples of good practice can be drawn from Smart Cities, Regions and Villages in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands? And how to overcome the boundary between idea and its implementation? Come, get inspired, find partners and share your experience with smart city projects.

Jan Jelínek



Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Multifunction Hall Room 6
The Ministry of Regional Development and VNG International
Czech Republic
Transforming Cities through Innovative Solutions and Technologies
NE 126


During this panel, we would like to pay attention to the challenges for municipalities on their journey to smart city implementation. We will address topics such as the capacity of municipalities to make big changes. Speakers from various fields and local government authorities will be invited to break the myth that only large cities and municipalities have the means for smart innovation. Inclusivity in terms of equal opportunities for smart city initiative and independence of municipalities will be endorsed.


Smart City implementation and financing, knowledge transfer and networking between large and small cities at international and interregional level, sustainable and inclusive urban development in all types of territories.

Session speakers

Mr. Richard Nikischer
Director of Department for Regional and Housing Policy
The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic
Ms. Marie Zezůlková
Head of Urban Policy and Strategy Unit
The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic
Mr. Gerhard Dekker
Smart City Expert
VNG International
Mr. David Škorňa
Smart City Expert
City of Kladno
Mr. Dan Čmelík
Deputy Mayor of Kyjov
Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic
Mr. Hillen Oost
Smart City Expert
VNG International
Mr. David Matuška
Mayor of Býčkovice
Mr. Jan Roučka
Expert on Smart Cities