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Celebrating 45 years of HIC: Building Social Force through Co-Learning and Advocacy

Yolande Hendler


date June 29, 2022 | 15:30 - 17:00
Multifunction Hall Room 7
Habitat International Coalition (HIC)
Equitable urban futures
NE 127


HIC’s Co-learning and Advocacy spaces have emerged from the Coalition’s long-standing history of connecting diverse civil society actors through joint learning and advocacy. These spaces are cross-regional, multi-session encounters that support participating community and civil society organizations to prioritize, strategise, learn and advocate together on human rights related to habitat. Co-learning spaces are based on emancipatory and intercultural learning practices, which link learning to concrete advocacy actions. These spaces are aimed at supporting participants to build social force and speak with a strong interregional and intergenerational voice to impact policies and practices at the local and international scale in order to effect transformative change. 

 The event will provide the space for a joint reflection on past and current learning and advocacy practices and possible popular pedagogies for building social force around habitat rights. The first block of discussion will focus on an exchange with representatives of networks and organizations of different regions on the past and contemporary role of critical pedagogies in building social force within different social movements related to the right to housing, feminist persctives and beyond. The second block will focus on the key discussions and actions emerging from three specific Co-learning and Advocacy Spaces developed by HIC during the first semester of 2022 on (i) Feminist approaches to habitat, (ii) Land Rights and (iii) Multi-level advocacy.  In the end, participants will be invited to engage in an open debate on how critical pedagogies can be adapted, improved and used by other actors to support cross-regional strategic learning, mobilization and advocacy.


  • Explore how social force is built through Co-learning and Advocacy (i.e. prioritizing, strategizing, learning and acting together)
  • Share strategies for cross-generational and cross-regional coalition building 
  • Draw on the 45 year experience of HIC by examining past and contemporary approaches to building social force between different actors through critical pedagogies
  • Engage a wide diversity of actors, from other community and civil society networks, social movements, governments, academics and international organizations in the debate and strategies being put forward through critical pedagogies  to advance human rights related to habitat

Session speakers

Ms. Adriana Allen
Habitat International Coalition
Ms. Diana Wachira
Programme officer of the Action Research Department
Pamoja Trust
Ms. Hala Murad
Dibeen Association for Environmental Development
Mr. Hilary Zhou
National Coordinator
Zimbabwe People’s Land Rights Movement
Mr. Henrique Frota
Executive Director
Polis Institute