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Cites+Culture+Climate: A Get-Together for Green Culture, Heritage and Creative Cities

Lorena Aldana


date June 27, 2022 | 14:30 - 16:00
Multifunction Hall Room 6
Europa Nostra and the Climate Heritage Network
Greener Urban Futures
NE 6


Culture and heritage can help us respond to climate change and transform our cities for a better urban future. Traditional knowledge on how we designed and built cities before the fossil fuel era points the way to post-carbon living. Artistic and imaginative tools challenge business-as-usual mindsets. Collectively, these culture-based approaches allow us to imagine and realise circular, regenerative, low carbon ways of living not dependent on the exploitation of people and nature. The event provides a convivial, informal and inspiring space for private and public actors active in the fields of culture, cultural heritage, and creative industries who are leading transformational climate action at city level to meet, exchange and network. Organised by Europa Nostra, the largest and most representative civil society organisation active in the heritage field in Europe, on behalf of and in close collaboration with the global Climate Heritage Network, the event will bring together diverse local, European, and international urban changemakers who are driving transformative change through art -, heritage- and culture-based climate solutions. To facilitate meaningful dialogue and impactful networking, the event will put forward a series of engaging activities: from thought-provoking ice-breaker exercises to informal inter-generational and interdisciplinary dialogues. Ultimately, the goal would be to foster synergies, inspire collaborations and initiate partnerships for a greener, more inclusive and more sustainable urban future through arts, heritage and culture.


- To expose those working on biodiversity loss, environmental and climate action to the cultural dimensions of these crises. To create bridges between local, European and international actors who are leading transformative social, cultural and climate change in their cities via heritage-, culture- and arts- based solutions. - To facilitate the networking and best practices sharing between cultural, heritage, arts and urban actors across Europe and the world. - To foster the emergence of new ideas, solutions and projects via the exchange with peers in an inspiring and convivial atmosphere. - To foster synergies and partnerships among the wider cultural, heritage and creative ecosystems - both public and private- in Europe and the world. - To strengthen, via closer cooperation and coordination, the cultural, heritage and creative ecosystems’ advocacy capacities for the recognition of culture and the arts as a vector for urban sustainable development. - To reach out to new cultural, heritage, creative and urban actors via meaningful networking.

Session speakers

Mr. Andrew Potts
Climate Heritage Network Secretariat
Ms Lorena Aldana
European Policy Coordinator
Europa Nostra
Mr. Patryk Bialas
Chairman of the Board
BOMIASTO Association
Mr. Sebastian Pypłacz
BoMiasto Association
Ms. Ewelina Pekala
Project Coordinator
Sendzimir Foundation
Mr. Robert Piaskowski
Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Krakow for Culture
City of Krakow
Dr Shipra Narang Suri
Chief, Urban Practices Branch
UN Habitat
Ms Sophia Torres
Policy Officer
Global Platform for the Right to the City
Mr Pablo Fernandez
Chief of Staff
UCLG- United Cities and Local Governments