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Collaborative Governance & Innovation Ecosystems: Best Practices from the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge Network

Dana Eleftheriadou



Wednesday, June 29, 2022


ICC: Voices from Cities Room B
City of Porto
Polish, Spanish, English, French + CART
VC-B 10


Across Europe and worldwide, cities are dealing with shared challenges related to climate change, migration and the Covid-19 crisis. In order to respond to these problems, cities and regions are developing collaborative approaches, bringing together public, private and civil society actors in various partnerships, open networks, and “coalitions of the willing”. What are the key characteristics and success factors of these collaborative approaches? What is the role of digital and social innovations in building these innovations ecosystems? And what is the role of various actors, including national governments and the European Commission in supporting and scaling these initiatives? This session will bring together several cities and regions participating in European Commission’s Intelligent Cities Challenge to share their experience and lessons learned from collaborative governance initiatives with focus on accelerating the twin green and digital transition. The 1.5hour session will consist of short inspiring pitches from Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Milan and Porto, followed by a roundtable discussion.


The key objective of the session is to present concrete experiences and approaches to collaborative governance from various cities and their ecosystems. The discussion will focus on key challenges and barriers in setting up and sustaining collaborative approaches, the role of various public and private parties, and the digital and social innovations central to these collaborations. More specifically, the session will: Share and connect knowledge about different aspects and approaches for collective collaboration on key societal challenges and transitions Reflect on the key barriers, challenges and opportunities for scaling / transferring these collaborative approaches Consider the role of technological and social innovations necessary for successful collaborative approaches

Session speakers

Ms. Leonie van den Beuken
Programme Director
Amsterdam Smart City
Mr. Ana Carneiro
Porto Digital
Mr. Piero Pelizzaro
Chief Resilience Officer
City of Milan
Mr. Claus Wichmann
Head of Department for Funding Management and Open Government
City of Heidelberg
Ms. Dana Eleftheriadou
Head of Intelligent Cities Challenge
European Comission