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Community-driven sustainable housing: World Café & Networking Session

Matt Lesniak



Thursday, June 30, 2022


Multifunction Hall Room 19
Coliving Ventures
Building Resilience for Sustainable Urban Futures
NE 179


This event will explore sustainable forms of urban living and housing, with a specific focus on shared living models including cohousing, intentional communities, regenerative villages, coliving, build to rent, purpose built student accommodation, senior living and other communal living typologies. Coliving Ventures is inviting our strategic partners to host a collective intelligence workshop to share and learn sustainable communal living best practices.

The networking event will be facilitated using a ‘World Café’ format, which is a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter, offering an effective antidote to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today’s world. The World Café method includes five phases including 1) Setting, 2) Welcome & Introduction, 3) Small-Group Rounds, 4) Questions and 5) Harvest. This method allows for the gathering and exchange of the collective intelligence of the group, so that a majority of voices are heard and an abundance of insights can be shared.

We will structure the networking session in a way that we can share our internal R&D as well as facilitate smaller thematic group discussions where specialists can dive deeper into categories such as sustainability, impact, ESG, social value, architecture, technology, community, branding, marketing and more. Each sub-group will have a ‘harvester’, a lead for each category that will take notes about the group discussion and then later share with the wider group at the end of the sharing rounds.

We will then alternate participants into other tables / categories in order to ‘cross-pollinate’ ideas and insights. At the end of the session each of the dedicated table note takers will share the insights from their category with the wider group in order for everyone to hear the different insights gathered. This methodology not only allows attendees to meet fellow thought leaders and specialists, but it also allows them to dive deeper into important sustainable urbanism topics. The World Café method blends the best of a meet and greet with an interactive workshop format and allows for networking, idea sharing and data gathering.

A follow up publication will be released by our Coliving Insights venture, a digital publication with a hyper-niche audience of shared living developers, investors, serviced providers, operators and other professionals / businesses. The publication will include the insights gathered during the networking session as well as insights gathered through post-event conversations and communications.


The key objectives of this collective intelligence networking session are:

1.Facilitating multi-stakeholder ecosystems: we would like to bring together a diversity of stakeholders involved in WUF11 to gather their insights and ideas about sustainable communal living best practices.

2.Defining a common agenda for community-driven sustainable housing: by tapping into this diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, the group will be able to define a common agenda for sustainable and communal forms of urban living / housing. This can inform both public and private stakeholders in developing and operating the shared living communities of tomorrow.

3.Harvest and publish insights: we will produce a post-event publication that will analyse the key insights gathered during the networking session and will be shared with the networking attendees, the wider WUF11 ecosystem and our audiences. This publication will give recommendations on how to take a sustainable, multi-stakeholder, multisectorial and multidimensional approach towards developing and operating sustainable and communal forms of urban living / housing.

Overall, our mission as an industry thought leader and platform is to showcase best practices that are driving impact, change and innovation within the shared living and sustainable housing sectors. Our ultimate objective for this event would be to gather and disseminate insights from a multi-stakeholder and multisectorial perspective regarding sustainable housing solutions.

Session speakers

Ms. Aitana de Jong
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Coliving Ventures
Mr. Bart Sasim
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Coliving Ventures
Ms. Karolina Sawicka
Business Development Associate
Coliving Ventures