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Financing resilient and livable African Cities.

Marcus Mayr



Tuesday, June 28, 2022


ICC: Voices from Cities Room B
African Development Bank
Polish, Spanish, English, French + CART
Integrated Governance in Spatial Planning for a More Just, Green, and Healthy Urban Future
VC-B 4


Africa is urbanizing rapidly, and large-scale investments and transformations are needed to achieve sustainable, resilient and livable cities across all corners of the continent. Solid local finances, financial markets conducive to local investments, and the capacity to identify and implement these investments into infrastructure and essential services based on sound planning, are some the key ingredients to aid Africa’s sustainable urban transition. Achieving this won’t be easy, but more and more African cities are leading by example – guided by the common goal of achieving the SDGs, and develop solutions on their path to sustainability and people-centered development. The African Development Bank proposes the event ‘Financing resilient and livable African Cities’ to showcase and discuss the multiple angles and solutions by African cities that aid the sustainable transformation, showcasing improvements in urban governance, urban planning and investments. The event will provide space for African Cities to share best practices, solutions and lessons learned. The event will begin with a keynote providing an African perspective to the core theme of the World Urban Forum: Transforming our Cities for a Better Urban Future. The event will feature selected local leaders and urban development champions from different backgrounds, discussing the three pillars for sustainable urban development action: (i) urban governance, (ii) urban planning, (iii) financing infrastructure and essential services from different angles and – based on results - provide concrete solutions.


The key objective of the proposed event is to share experiences and best practices on financing resilient and livable African cities with a wide audience and like-minded city leaders and decision makers. Further, the we aim to inspire participants to engage in dialogue on the solutions, methodologies and – vice versa - gain inputs and recommendations for improving city development. The event is an important networking moment in the process of shaping the Banks support to African cities, sharing African cities experience with other cities on the continent as well as gain insights from other regions and partners. The event will provide a platform for participants and stakeholders to discuss how to support more vibrant subnational financial markets and local transactions. AfDB events are interactive and engaging, allowing for audience participation and exchange of ideas between all levels of government and with a range of partners in order to: Showcase the necessary actions at institutional, national and level to identify, plan and prepare investments, access finance, and operate crucial services, all based on experience from past transactions. At the same time we aim to discuss and highlight investment opportunities, demonstrating solutions and actions on the ground in the field of sustainable urban development that have the proven potential for upscaling.

Session speakers

Mr. Davis Mwamfupe
Lord Mayor
City of Dodoma
Mr. Obiga Kania
Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
Ms. Souad Abderrahim
Tunis Municipality
Mr. Buba Sanyang
Permanent Secretary
City of Banjul
Ms. Marwa Ahmed
Project Manager
Urban Development Fund
Mr. Paolo Ciccarelli
Head Sustainable Transport and Urban Development
European Commission
Ms Amira Osman
Tshwane University of Technology