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Housing challenges for Circular Cities: (2) Socioeconomic challenges to make smart cities more sustainable.

Housing and circularity?. How do finance, energy efficiency and affordable housing contribute as circular activities to cities?. Welcome to this event!

Paloma Taltavull De La Paz



Tuesday, June 28, 2022


ICC: Voices from Cities Room B
University of Alicante
Polish, Spanish, English, French + CART
Integrated Governance in Spatial Planning for a More Just, Green, and Healthy Urban Future
VC-B 7


This event discusses the challenges the cities are facing related to their housing market, the implications that technical and economic issues would have on the wellbeing of the citizens, and how they meet the requirements of modern (circular) Cities. Experts from the Real Estate Advisory Group of UNECE (REM) will present different cases and studies they are involved in, debating those challenges and defining future lines of potential policies for more sustainable life in cities and potential ideas to promote circularity in cities associated with the issues covered.

Review and debate about the causes and consequences of the nowaday main economic troubles in cities, like lack of affordability, lack of finance, new trends of housing demand, and mobility, among others, help design measures which could improve the housing consumption experience in cities and allow households to meet the conditions of the housing market sustainably.

Lack of housing affordability is an increasing problem in most cities. Investigating the reasons and monitoring the policies that cities apply to alleviate their strong effects is an excellent way to learn how to deal with and disseminate experiences. Energy poverty is a collateral effect of the ongoing energy crisis that affects an increasing number of households. So far, most attention has been focused on methods to upgrade and finance the buildings' energy efficiency. It is required to explore energy policies integrated into urban policies in order to maximise the cost/efficiency of the invested capital.

The panel addresses the socioeconomic challenges for a sustainable city including affordability, energy poverty, neighbourhood resiliency, economic impacts, and finance. 

The panel topics are: 

- People's behaviour vs regional policies + Social areas, 

- The lack of housing affordability and its consequences. 

- Energy efficiency and welfare: avoiding energy poverty. 

- The short-term rental market and its economic impacts. 

- Sustainable finance. 


- To identify the main challenges for the sustainable and circular cities related to city design and planning, construction and sustainable buildings, energy and city management

- To identify the socio-economic challenges for cities to improve the citizens' wellbeing, in terms of identifying the key issues, their economic and social implications and policy measures to solve them

- Give a modern and updated perspective of the main problems affecting the housing market in cities which would have long term implications for their sustainable evolution.

- Present experiences of urban resilience

Session speakers

Ms. Paloma Taltavull
University of alicante
Ms. Irena Perfanova
AIIC Real Estate Limited
Mr. Conor O'Toole
Mr. Nikolaos Triatafyllopoulos
Full professor
University of Thesaloniki
Mr. Raul García-Rodriguez