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Just move: ensuring nobody is left behind in the shift toward sustainable urban mobility

date June 29, 2022 | 12:00 - 13:30
European Track Room
Sessions available in English and will be translated into: Polish/French/Spanish and sign language (PL and International).


Host of the session: EUROCITIES

Thematic block: Sustainable Urban Mobility

Description of the session: To reach the European climate neutrality goals, cities will have to undergo a fast paced and profound paradigm shift in the urban mobility realm. While being faced with the urgency of the climate crisis, it is of paramount importance that the transition towards more sustainable urban mobility will take into account and cater for everybody’s needs, ensuring nobody is left behind. In this session we will discuss with city representatives  what steps they are taking to transform their transport systems to become more accessible, affordable, safe and inclusive, while supporting the transition towards a climate neutral Europe.