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Multidimensional transformation of post-industrial cities

If you’d like to know the success story of comprehensive transition of cities and region from industrial ones into modern business and culture places, please feel invited to the session “Multidimensional transformation of post-industrial cities”, where Katowice, Cologne and Silesia Region will present their experience.

Robert Pyka


date June 30, 2022 | 12:00 - 13:30
ICC: Voices from Cities Room B
City Katowice
Polish, Spanish, English, French + CART
VC-B 14


The event will take the form of a moderated panel session with participants representing Katowice, Cologne and Silesia Region, who will share their stories of success in the transformation of post-industrial cities. The discussion will enable not only the exchange of good practices, but will also allow the identification of key factors that determined the successful social, economic and spatial transformation thanks to cultural potential and cultural heritage. What’s more the Katowice new key transition project – “Gaming and Technology Hub” will be presented. The formula of the event will also include participation in an open discussion of the gathered audience, experts from the world of science and administration.


It can be observed that contemporary cultural heritage is a potential and catalyst for development and transformation processes. Key goals and objectives of the session:

1. Identification of key factors of multidimensional transformation in cities (Katowice and Cologne) and Silesia Region characterized by post-industrial heritage.

2. Understanding effective models of change management in post-industrial cities, with particular emphasis on a wide range of stakeholders.

3. Realizing that heritage is the carrier of many interconnecting and permeating economic and non-economic values ​​(historical, scientific, artistic, social, including integration, as well as educational and economic).

4. Marking the role of local communities in initiating, conducting and supporting a comprehensive revitalization process, and thus a multidimensional transformation.

5.Understanding the role of architecture in the transition process.

Session speakers

Mr. Marcin Krupa
Katowice City
Mr Andreas Wolter
Vice Mayor
City of Cologne
Mr Jerzy Buzek (online)
Member of the European Parliament
European Parliament
Mr Jakub Chełstowski
Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship
Silesian Voivodeship
Mr Adam Drobniak
Assoc. Prof. University of Economics in Katowice
University of Economics in Katowice · Department of Strategic and Regional Studies
Mr Tomasz Konior
Owner, Head Architect, Urban Planner
Konior Studio
Mr Mariusz Jankowski
Director of Investors Assistance Department
Katowice City
Mr Aleksander Szlachetko
Managing Director