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Researcher/Educator Networks to Promote Sustainable City Development

Paulo Silva


date June 30, 2022 | 15:00 - 16:30
Multifunction Hall Room 11
GPEAN / Habitat UNI
Integrated Governance in Spatial Planning for a More Just, Green, and Healthy Urban Future
NE 191


Participants in university networks actively advancing the work of sustainable city development will share lessons on what works best to build knowledge and capacity in harmony with UN-Habitat’s work, especially through UNH’s Communities of Practice. Stimulated by the current reassessment of UN-Habitat’s partnerships with universities with focus on the Habitat University Network Initiative (UNI), this networking event will draw together eleven planning school associations under the Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN), active UNI institutional partners, other academic and professional networks in the same field, UN-Habitat staff, and representatives from allied international development agencies from both the Global North and South. As a strategy to still hear from the larger group, is to have invited representatives who are not listed as speakers, but who will give interventions during the session. Event participants will join the university and international agency representatives in identifying promising changes to increase the value added of university and research institution contributions to the work of U.N. Habitat. Participants will strongly engage with other stakeholders, and will draw the roadmap to the next WUF.


The event will seek to bring together diverse stakeholders, from academia to research and professional networks and UN representatives with a strong balance between the Global North and South, to discuss new innovative ideas in localizing the New Urban Agenda and enhancing the engagement of academia in the effort, by: showcasing and reflecting on the work involving Habitat UNI and other successful UNH-university collaborations, and documenting the impact and best practices for research and capacity building in solving challenges of human settlements globally; proposing policy and organizational changes to UNH-university partnerships to strengthen collaborations with universities and other existing academic and professional network in the same space; agreeing on the road map and outcomes until the next WUF while addressing expected future challenges to be met.

Session speakers

Mr. David Evans
Leader Capacity Development and Training Unit
Mr. Paulo Silva
GPEAN (Global Planning Education Associations Network
Ms. Shipra Narang Suri
Chief, Urban Practices Branch at UN-Habitat
Mr. Michele Acuto
Director of Melbourne Centre for Cities, Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourneelb
University of Melbourne
Ms. Raphaëlle Vignol
Programme Management Officer
Mr. Rafael Forero
Urban Policy, Governance and Metropolitan Expert
Ms. Lara Kinneir
Design and Urban Futures - Associate Professor at The London Interdisciplinary School, United Kingdom
HABITAT-Uni, Urban Governance Hub Coordinator
Ms. Sahar Attia
Professor, Architecture & Urban Design, Cairo University, Egypt
Habitat UNI - SC Co-Chair
Mr. José Luis Cortés
Architect, President of UIA
UIA (International Union of Architects)
Ms. Genet Alem
Professor, International Planning Studies
Technical University Dortmund
Mr. Patrick Lamson-Hall
Researcher, International Urban Planner
NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management
Mr. Roberto Rocco
Associate Professor of Spatial Planning
Technical University Delft
Mr. Giulio Verdini
Reader (Associate Professor) in Urban Planning
University of Westminster
Mr. Bruce Stiftel
Professor Emeritus, School of City & Regional Planning, Georgia Tech University, United States of America
Habitat UNI - SC Co-Chair