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Showcase of Innovative Start-ups Powered by

Shipra Narang Suri


date June 27, 2022 | 17:00 - 18:30
Multifunction Hall Room 2
City of Katowice
NE 22


The Acceleration Program for startups by RAWA.INK have started a week before the WUH 11th kick-off. During that busy period 10 international startups have worked smart and hard with group of business experts to accelerate their businesses and to make their innovation more impactful. The Showcase is the centre point of The Acceleration Program for startups by RAWA.INK where 5 startups will present themselves to broad audience of WUF 11th.


1. Exposing the KATOWICE CITY as a champion in boosting innovation through: (a) creating and operating innovation district where all activists, doers, creators, scientists, founders and other innovators are always welcomed and supported (b) seeking and supporting local, regional and international cooperation with other future-oriented partners (c) ongoing transformation that creates space and opportunities for all individuals and organizations willing to use their knowledge, experience and other resources as soil for cooperation and innovation.

2. Exposing RAWA.INK as a leader in nurturing disruptive innovation through its programmed activities like (a) incubating disruptive ideas into innovative startups (b) accelerating promising startups and helping them find business scale (c) networking all participants of local innovation ecosystem and promoting cooperation.

3. Exposing the innovation created by startups that were accelerated in the Acceleration Program for Startups by RAWA.INK to broad audience of its potential partners or customers.