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Smart Sustainable Cities for Urban Systems Integration

date June 30, 2022 | 15:00 - 16:30
Multifunction Hall Room 20
US Department of State
United States of America
Transforming Cities through Innovative Solutions and Technologies
NE 200


Re-designing city, community, urbanization, and health trajectories toward meeting (almost) all SDGs while enhancing prosperity and well-being for all must include a multi-sectoral commitment to providing critical urban services in a sustainable, healthy, and resilient matter.

A two-scale approach will be presented:

1) a regional overview of the U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership portfolio activities across cities, urban networks and partners focused on net-zero emissions and transformative resilience collaborations for improving energy, water, food, waste, housing, mobility, digital, health, to nature-based services; coupled with

2) localized pilot(s) assessment of political, socio-economic, infrastructure, and ecological priorities and challenges of cities and businesses in meeting sustainability and climate goals.  Leadership will be showcased by US/ASEAN cities with ambitious integrated action plans and hubs for securing energy, water, food, and other improved services via low-emissions, regenerative approaches that consider health and prosperity of all systems and sub-populations. Event is convened by State Dept, NREL, in collaboration with USAID, cities, and global networks.


Ms. Michelle Segal, UN-Habitat Desk Officer, U.S. Department of State 

Ms. Helen Santiago Fink, ASEAN Smart Cities' Program Manager, U.S. Department of State 

Mr. Josh Sperling, National Renewable Energy Lab, U.S. Department of Energy

Ms. Maimunah Jaffar, Iskandar (Malaysia) Regional Development Authority