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Transforming Our Cities through Integrated Governance Systems

Matthew Bach


date June 29, 2022 | 13:30 - 15:00
Multifunction Hall Room 18
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
Building Resilience for Sustainable Urban Futures
NE 118


Efforts to transform our cities for a better urban future require the challenging combination of integrated and localized governance systems, especially if we are to rapidly reach net zero and protect urban dwellers from shocks and crises. ICLEI, its members and stakeholders have pioneered a number of innovative governance approaches. These include Local Green Deals, in which local governments and their stakeholders foster integrated urban sustainability actions that bridge between sectors and enable the localization of policies from other levels of governance. The session also considers equity frameworks and planning tools for equitable climate action, as well as concrete cases of cities embedding sector-specific policies (e.g. a food strategy) within integrated urban governance. These approaches are meant to inspire the UN-Habitat community regarding the potential of innovative and integrated governance for resilient, beautiful, just and sustainable communities. The session will include sufficient time for participants to exchange with the speakers and to provide their input as to the potential of the presented approaches in their respective geographical contexts.


The primary objective of the session is to inspire the UN-Habitat community regarding the potential of innovative and integrated governance approaches for fostering more resilient, beautiful, just and sustainable communities, addressing different levels of the transformation, from global to local and neighborhood level. To ensure social justice concerns are considered early on, a specific focus throughout the session will be on how to include vulnerable groups and leave no one behind in the transition. In addition, the session will provide a unique opportunity to gather input from a global constituency regarding the potential of these approaches in multiple regions and contexts.

Session speakers

Mr. Mariusz Skiba
Deputy Mayor
Ms. Agnes Schönfelder
Climate Policy Advisor and Spokesperson of the Local Green Deal City Office
Mr. Yves Zimmermann
Project manager – General directorate of services
City of Strasbourg
Matthew Bach
Just Transition Coordinator
ICLEI Europe