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Women's Assembly breakout sessions

date June 26, 2022 | 15:45 - 18:45
Multifunction Hall Room 11-20


1. Women’s Political Agenda and Representation in Urban Decision Making

Moderator Online: Julia Munroe

2. Women’s Economic Empowerment,
Decent Jobs, Education, Caregiving,
& Role in the Informal Economy and Domestic Work

Moderator Online: Samina Lakani 

 3. Cities Safe for Women: Safe Public   
     Spaces and Transportation

ModeratorOnline: Sheila Katzman

4. Promoting Grassroots Women's Leadership, Agenda  and Control over Housing, Land, and Informal Settlements

Moderator Online: Katy Taylor

5. Recognizing & Resourcing Rural - Urban Links

Moderators – Pauline Kairuki, Francis Birungi
Moderator Online: Suneeta Dhar

6. Environment, Climate Change,    and Resilience

Moderators On Line: Jane Pool and Dr. Pamela Ransom

7.  Designing, Planning and Monitoring Gender Responsive Cities

Moderators On Line: Aley Kent

8.  Women’s Lives and Roles in Cities  
   During and Post Conflict

Moderators Online: Doris Mpoumou

9 Pandemics and other emergencies

Moderators Online: Dr. Sophie Lee

10.  Young Women projecting the future of the City
 ModeratorsOnline: Benerva Browne