ADNEC requires that persons with disabilities be afforded the same opportunities and access enjoyed by other visitors and provides ramps and lifts at all entrances.

A small number of wheelchairs will be available at the ADNEC First Aid Point adjacent to Hall 8 concourse to be loaned to persons with temporary or permanent disability as well as non-critical medical conditions such as dizziness, tiredness or pain.

Wheelchairs are loaned on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved.  Request to use the ADNEC wheel chairs should be made to the ADNEC First Aid Point in Hall 8 concourse area via email or telephone 02 406 3598.

ADNEC first aid staff will check the condition of participants, including vital signs and visual checks for injuries to ensure that they are stable do not require medical treatment.

ADNEC first aid Staff will fill out a form for pre-hire checks.

Participants will sign wheelchair request forms undertaking liability for damage to the wheelchair or injury to users during the hire period.

Users will submit IDs to the first aid staff and ensure the wheelchair is returned to the First Aid Point.