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Christian Hübel

Christian Hübel

City of Mannheim | Head, Department of Strategic Governance 

Christian Hübel

Since 2010 Christian Hübel has been head of the Department of Strategic Governance of the City of Mannheim, which is responsible for the overall management of urban activities. He was jointly responsible for the change² project for modernising urban administrative processes. In 2013, the City of Mannheim received the German Sustainability Award in the area of governance and administration for the sustainability of its governance system. He has addressed the topic of governance and performance management from different perspectives in publications and lectures.
From 1999 to 2007 he worked in the fundamental political issues unit in the former urban department for education, culture and sport, where his tasks included the coordination and implementation of the strategy for developing and establishing the Mannheim music industry and formation of Stadtmarketing GmbH.

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