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Katarzyna Smętek

Katarzyna Smętek

President of WUF11 Youth Council

Katarzyna Smętek

Katarzyna Smętek is the president of WUF11 Youth Council - group of 15 young people coordinating youth engagement at the 11th session of World Urban Forum.

Katarzyna is also the former president of Polish Youth Climate Council and a European Climate Pact Ambassador.

Engaging young people in decision-making processes has always been her priority - she has been working with representatives of all levels of governance, empowering young people and making sure their voice is heard.

Katarzyna participated in several high-level meetings on climate including COP24, the UN High-Level Meeting on Climate and Sustainable Development for All, Abu Dhabi Climate Meeting as well as the UN Climate Action Summit.

She was a youth representative at COP25, COP26 and the 10th World Urban Forum held in February 2020 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

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