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Kulwant Singh

Kulwant Singh

3R WASTE Foundation CEO

Kulwant Singh

Dr. Kulwant Singh is currently the President of the KSS-Institute of Spatial Planning and Environment Research, Panchkula and is also presently serving as the CEO of 3R WASTE Foundation- an organization working in partnership with WASTE Netherlands and serves in the board of FINISH Society. He is also an adviser to various international organizations including UN-Habitat for Waste Wise Cities Programme and BusWorld Foundation based in Belgium. Dr. Singh is also the Founder Trustee of Indian Heritage Cities Network. He is also on the Board of FINISH Society of India.

Dr. Singh earlier served as the Chief Technical Adviser for the Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure Branch of UN-Habitat, particularly in reference to the urban basic services. In his role as the Chief Technical Adviser, he significantly contributed to policy dialogues in partner countries in Asia and the Pacific and in the design and implementation of a large number of water and sanitation initiatives. Dr. Singh has been a regular visiting faculty at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft and the Institute of Housing and Urban Development (IHS), Rotterdam.

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