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Matthias Braubach

Matthias Braubach

Environment and Health Impact Assessment Programme, Regional Office for Europe and European Centre for Environment and Health WHO | Technical Officer (Urban Health and Equity)

Matthias Braubach

Matthias Braubach works as a Technical Officer of Urban Health Equity at the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health.

With a background in urban geography and a Masters in Public Health, Matthias coordinates activities on healthy built environments, assessing the health impacts of inadequate housing and environmental conditions in urban settings.

His work focuses on inequalities in environmental exposure and environmental justice issues. He has participated in diverse EU projects on urban and health equity issues, published various journal articles and WHO reports, and lectured in the Public Health Module of the Disaster Management Master Course at Bonn University.

Within BlueHealth, Matthias is overseeing the technical aspects of work hoping to translate evidence for decision-making. This research focuses on optimising blue space planning and design, through the development of a decision-support tool.

This web-based too will provide guidance on the health risks and benefits of urban blue spaces, and is aimed at urban planners, decision-makers, researchers and other stakeholders.

Takes part in sessions