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Michel Tatiana Zuluaga Duque

Michel Tatiana  Zuluaga Duque
Despacio | Administrative and Gender Advisor
Michel Tatiana  Zuluaga Duque
Michel Zuluaga is a 26-year-old Colombian woman, who grew up in a place full of diversity, colors, flavors and tropical weather and of course a place well known as the capital of the social resistance, Cali Colombia. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, but her sensibility in urban issues made her an activist for cycling and equity public spaces, Promoting them with techniques such as yarnbombing and strategies of engagement people in citizen participation. That was the gate to start a master's degree in urban planning. In 2020 she started a specialization in public policies of care with a gender perspective. Michel has been working with Despacio since 2019, as a gender and logistical advisor, as well as support in the data collection team, and designing pedagogical strategies in gender approach for adolescents in the Vivo Mi Calle local team based in Cali.

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