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Naomi Tsur

Naomi Tsur

Israel Urban Forum | Founder and Executive Chair

Naomi Tsur

Tsur is an environmental entrepreneur and former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem (2008-2014), responsible for strategic planning, sustainability and historic conservation. Tsur initiated the establishment of the Israel Urban Forum in 2014.
Earlier, from 1996 she headed the Society for the Protection of Nature in Jerusalem, and fought many public environmental and social battles. The most significant, successful against all odds, prevented urban sprawl into the Jerusalem Hills. In City Hall, she integrated urban nature into city planning, implementing major projects such as the Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park and the Railway Park.
Tsur heads the Jerusalem Green Fund ( and serves as Executive Chair of the IUF. She writes and lectures on urban sustainability and participatory democracy and has recently led an international team in developing an ethical code for water in cities

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