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Reeaz Chuttoo

Reeaz Chuttoo

CTSP and CMWEU | President

Reeaz Chuttoo

37 years’ experience as trade unionist and in that capacity conduct collective bargaining process in view of signing collective agreement in all the sectors of the economy in the private sector with special emphasis on social protection.
Participated in a training for trainers workshop organised by the ILO and ISSA (International Social Security Association) in the UN University, Turin, Italy.
Training for Trainers in Occupational Health and Safety, permanent member on the Advisory Council on Occupational Health and Safety. Advocated for the complete ban of asbestos in Mauritius and succeeded in that endeavor through the Ban of Asbestos Committee in 2011. Member of the National Minimum Wage Council
President of the CTSP (Confederation des Travailleurs des Secteurs Publique et Privé).

Takes part in sessions