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Tanya Huizer

Tanya Huizer

Arcadis | Global Shelter Program Manager

Tanya Huizer

Tanya Huizer, MSc. Environmental Sciences, is Global Shelter program manager and senior consultant Resilience at Arcadis since 2011 and used to based in Myanmar 2015-2020 for the Netherlands Embassy and for Arcadis.

Tanya worked on all kinds of multi-disciplinary river basin, delta and urban projects worldwide.

In all her work Tanya shows her strength in translating technical data into information relevant for decision makers. Furthermore, she has a passion for social inclusion and community engagement in infrastructural projects.

Tanya is leading the Arcadis partnership with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the Shelter Program, aiming to improve quality of life since 2010.

More than 130 missions have been organized to support cities worldwide. Tanya is pro-active in stimulating and engaging the private sector in sustainable urban development.

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