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22–26 March 2010


Rio de Janeiro

the Right to the City: Bridging the Urban Divide

About WUF5

The Fifth session of the WUF was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, and it built upon the technical and substantive lessons of the previous four sessions. The theme of the fifth session of the Forum was: “the Right to the City: Bridging the Urban Divide

The Forum shared perspectives and viewpoints on the relevance on this concept, identifying what is needed to bridge the urban divide, and to facilitate a prompt and sustainable transition from a city that is partially inclusive to one that is fully inclusive. The Fifth session started at an earlier stage through a world‐wide E‐Debate on different aspects of the Right to the City.

The on‐line discussions generated important contributions in the form of ideas and messages that were used for the preparation of the WUF. They were also incorporated in the preparation of the final report of the Forum, which was delivered to local authorities, national governments, international organizations, research centers, universities, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Main Facts

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WUF5 Dialogues

The theme of the fifth session of the Forum was: “The right to the city: bridging the urban divide”. Consideration of this theme was preceded by a series of lively e-debates on the same theme.

There were six dialogues during the Forum, focusing on the following key aspects of sustainable urbanization: taking forward the right to the city; inclusive cities; equal access to shelter and basic urban services; cultural diversity in cities; governance and participation; and climate change. The topics of the dialogues were further expatiated in twelve thematic open debates and summarized in six thematic concluding sessions.

Key Focus Areas


Taking Forward the Right to the City


Bridging the Urban Divide: Inclusive Cities


Equal Access to Shelter and Basic Urban Services


Cultural Diversity in Cities


Governance and Participation


Sustainable Urbanization: Cities in a Changing Climate


Session Speakers