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11 SDG in Polish cities – different aspects, same purpose

Alina Muzioł-Węcławowicz



Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Multifunction Hall: SDGs in Action area
Institute of Urban and Regional Development
Polish, Spanish, English, French + CART
Building Resilience for Sustainable Urban Futures
SDG 11


The main part of the event will consist of the panel debate in which representatives of the cities interested in the 11 SDG. Cities will present their ventures; they will be selected in order to balance socially based ventures and investments in public spaces as the incentives to achieve 11 SDG.

In practice all cities implement projects in the formula of social participation. Some of them concentrate on the transformation of the districts/neighboring’s, others on social inclusion, especially in the regenerated districts. The discussion will focus on the following questions:

  1. How to start the local scale sustainable development projects?
  2. How to contact, invite for cooperation and activate the most passive social groups?
  3. Based on cities’ experiences what is the most effective pattern of activities in the spatial and social sphere, regarding social inclusion and sustainable development?
  4. What lessons can be taken from inclusion and spatial planning activities to balance development?


  1. To present the ways Polish cities seek innovative solutions concerning different Goals of The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  2. To promote a Toolbox for Local Communities and also, by networking of the cities representatives, to learn about innovative tools, instruments and methods in terms of implementing Goals of The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  3. Diffusion of knowledge among representatives of national, regional and local authorities, entrepreneurs, community leaders, urban planners and residents.

Session speakers

Ms. Alina Muzioł-Węcławowicz
Institute of Urban and Regional Development
Ms. Katarzyna Staś
City of Katowice
Mr. Michał Lorbiecki
City of Tychy
Ms. Katarzyna Plewka-Chyżyńska
City of Leszno
Mr. Michał Stangel
dr hab. inż. arch. prof. PŚ
Silesian University of Technology
Ms. Magdalena Stapurewicz-Cierkosz
City of Oświęcim
Mr. Janusz Chwierut
Mayor of Oświęcim
City of Oświęcim
Ms. Wiktoria Saganowska
Deputy Director of the Department of Strategy
Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy