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Building a stakeholders’ coalition to bridge the capacity gap: A dialogue on financing and upscaling capacity development programmes

UN-Habitat and key partners will discuss means of implementation and financing opportunities, whilst calling for champion countries and partners to support the development of large-scale and innovative capacity-buliding programmes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


UN-Habitat Arena
Polish, English, Spanish, CART (English)
Arena 5


Trends in global capacity-gap assessments have shown that there is longer-term strategic need to radically reassess capacity building efforts to meet the urgency and scale of the problems at hand. This is exemplified by the need to expand the professional pool of planners through educational programs, while ensuring in the intermediate term that those local governments have improved access to adapted and innovative planning knowledge and practices. 

To further scale up capacity-building activities UN-Habitat aims to implement a stronger partnership approach, build strategic coalitions to leverage and sustain results, and maintain a strong focus on North-South, South-South and Triangular Cooperation. This must be coupled with a more mission-oriented approach to identifying capacity gaps at both local and national level with a maintained focused on the SDGs

A radical shift from unsustainable practices to innovative approaches is needed to support future resilience, inclusion, green and economic sustainability in cities. Equipping technical cadres and decision makers with the right knowledge, tools, and skills to drive this shift needs to be approached in a systematic manner. This can be done by

1) Better equipping and maintaining existing capacity needs  

2) Using new tools and methods to accelerate the scaling up of capacity building 

3) Improving access to capacity-building tools in smaller and more remote towns and cities  

Capacity-building efforts need to be leveraged to ensure that a maximum number of urban stakeholders benefit from the latest and most adapted practical knowledge available. Building a coalition of champions and supporters is a way to move the capacity development agenda forward.

This event brings together key partners to discuss the opportunities to scale-up capacity-building efforts and develop dedicated and innovative programmes that multiply impact and create a pathway to excellence. 


  1. Define and bring capacity-building at the heart of the urban sustainability conversation
  2. Inform and exchange about UN-habitat capacity-building strategy and concrete mechanisms for its implementation
  3. Discuss capacity-building gaps and identify priority needs to support sustainable urbanization and resilience; identify ways to keep capacity needs under review
  4. Build a coalition of partners and donors for global implementation. This global community of champions and supporters will be mobilised to initiate joint large-scale capacity-building programmes.
  5. Identify methods for scaling-up and multiply partnerships and programmes dedicated to capacity-building

Session speakers

Claudio Acioly Jr
Senior Manager and Team Leader
ACCIONA Ingenieria
Prof. Dr. Phil. Gesa Ziemer
Academic Lead
United Nation Innovation Accelerator of Cities (UNITAC)
Bruce Stiftel
Professor Emeritus
Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Alexander Jachnow
Urban Development Specialist
IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
Director, a.i., Gender, Poverty and Social Policy Division ECA Edlam Abera Yemeru
President Elect at the Commonwealth Association of Architects