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UN-Habitat Arena

UN-Habitat's vision of a better quality of life for all in an urbanizing world is on display in the UN-Habitat arena. The arena is a forum for exploration and discovery of programmes, initiatives, policy instruments and activities supported by UN-Habitat in 90 countries.

Visit the arena to see evidence of the transformative change in cities and human settlements being supported by UN-Habitat, through knowledge, policy advice, technical assistance and collaborative action.


The Urban Playground

The Urban Playground is a multi-sectoral space to share experiences, best practices, consult with experts and play games to learn about UN-Habitat's innovative, integrated and transformative processes. Organised by the Urban Lab, this space provides a 'corner' for short, 30 min events and activities, lead by different teams and open to all.

See below for our programme, but visit us at the Urban Playground at any time to see our publications, sign up for consultations, and talk to our team

The Urban Playground Programme

UN-Habitat Arena