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Innovations in Learning for a Better Urban Future: the UN-Habitat Learn Platform and the New Urban Agenda Illustrated Toolkit

The event will present and discuss innovative approaches, challenges and opportunities related to digital innovation for capacity-building on urban sustainability. The discussion will be based on UN-Habitat’s learning platform UN-Habitat Learn as well as the flagship capacity-building toolkit the New Urban Agenda Illustrated, available both as a handbook and an online course in two parts.
date June 28, 2022 | 16:30 - 17:30
UN-Habitat Arena
Polish, English, Spanish, CART (English)
Arena 8


In conversation with experts in the field, this event aims to discuss the utilization of digital tools and approaches to deliver relevant, engaging, flexible and effective capacity-building support to urban stakeholders and beneficiaries globally.

UN-Habitat Learn

UN-Habitat Learn is UN-Habitat’s learning platform for delivering, tracking and administering capacity-building activities at the global level. Launched in October 2020, it currently offers 15 courses on themes such as the New Urban Agenda, solid waste management, National Urban Policies, and the urban dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals. Many more courses are under development or planned on themes such as nature-based solutions, sustainable housing, and urban mobility.

Through the democratization of learning resources on urban sustainability via online access, UN-Habitat Learn helps to expand outreach and safeguard their future use, as well as to provide resilience in the context of crises such as pandemics.

The New Urban Agenda Illustrated

The New Urban Agenda Illustrated toolkit, which includes a handbook and an online course in two parts, unpacks the New Urban Agenda in a practical, visual and interactive way, contributing to a more impactful implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

Using the New Urban Agenda as an accelerator to achieve the urban dimensions of the SDGs and SDG11 in particular, the transformation of cities can be supported with the help of resources which are localized and operationalized for specific contexts, with clear illustrations to inspire action. The New Urban Agenda Illustrated handbook and online course are accessible at any time, from anywhere, and through ongoing translations into all 6 official UN languages, tailored to the language needs of different regions and beneficiaries.


  1. Promote UN-Habitat Learn as UN-Habitat’s new corporate learning platform, and highlight specific tools on the platform that can be used in capacity-building interventions for sustainable urbanization
  2. Hold dialogue with stakeholders on how innovative capacity-building and learning approaches can contribute to stronger implementation of the NUA and urban dimensions of the SDGs.
  3. Launch the NUA illustrated handbook and crash course in 6 languages, while discussing its localization at the regional and national levels
  4. Explore new possibilities for partnerships to deliver innovative capacity-building initiatives supporting the NUA and SDGs.

Session speakers

Professor Hassan Radione
Professor and Director of the School of Architecture, Planning and Design
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
Raúl Valdés-Cotera
Team Leader
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
Dr Sukaina Al-Naswari
Lead of the Sustainable Urban Development Portfolio
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
Horacio Urbano
Centro Urbano