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Integrating health in urban and territorial planning: why, how and who

Join us to dive into the sourcebook "Integrating health in urban and territorial planning" and hear about real experiences using this resource as supporting material to think, design and build healthy urban environments for a healthier population.

Cristina Vert Roca



Thursday, June 30, 2022


Urban Expo: Urban Library room
World Health Organization
UL 18


The Urban Library Event presents a unique opportunity to launch the sourcebook Integrating health in urban and territorial planning, which is already available in English, French and Spanish and will be shortly available in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

The Sourcebook is one of the latest joint publications from WHO and UN-Habitat. It has been designed as a resource to assist national governments, local authorities, planning professionals, civil society organizations and health professionals, to improve planning frameworks and practice through the incorporation of health considerations, at all levels of governance and across the spatial-planning continuum. It aims to guide urban leaders and decision-makers to plan and build cities with a focus on human and environmental health.

The launch of the Sourcebook will be used to showcase “how to” integrate health in urban and territorial planning through different entry points, highlighting the reduction of air pollution, transport, and the accessibility to green spaces. The event will be interactive and engaging with the public will be a priority. A role-playing activity will be conducted to introduce the sourcebook and other WHO and UN-Habitat-related products (e.g., Urban Health Initiative, World Urban Campaign...). Also, we will have the pleasure to count on the participation of city representatives who have already used the sourcebook for their work toward developing healthier urban environments. Finally, we aim to have a discussion around the WHO physical activity guidelines, considering physical activity a relevant entry point for health in cities. 


The key objectives of this event are as follows:

  • Launch of the Sourcebook to introduce the publication to the public and promote its use.
  • Orient the participants on the reasons why health needs to be part of urban and territorial planning.
  • Conduct short rapid surveys dynamically during the presentation to strengthen the network.
  • Role-playing a policy development process using the WHO UHI model process and the Sourcebook.
  • Provide print versions of the Sourcebook and other effective resources and tools to apply key lessons into practice.
  • Share good examples and relevant experiences on the integration of health into urban and territorial planning in the different regions of the world. 
  • Advocate and promote the resources and tools listed in the Sourcebook, including health impact assessment tools and methods for addressing air pollution, climate mitigation and health.
  • Invite participants to provide inputs on the Sourcebook, share their experience on using it, and suggest recommendations to be considered in the ongoing and future work on urban planning and health, developed by the WHO and UN-Habitat.

Session speakers

Abraham Mwaura
Project officer
Pamela Carbajal
urban health consultant
Cristina Vert
urban health consultant
Andreia Santos
Consultant in Health Economics (Physical Activity Unit, WHO)