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National Urban Forums - Strategic Platforms for Implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda

Following the approval of the New Urban Agenda, National Urban Forums – NUFs- have become relevant as national-level multi-stakeholder platforms to facilitate a wide meaningful and inclusive participation in policy debates on sustainable urban development.

Martin Grisel


date June 28, 2022 | 14:30 - 16:30
Special Session Room 1
Polish, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic + ISL [Polish + English]


National Urban Forums (NUFs) are multi-stakeholder platforms to facilitate meaningful and inclusive participation in policy debates on sustainable urban development. At WUF9, the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Cities 2030 called for supporting "the creation and consolidation of inclusive platforms and agendas for dialogue among all levels of government, decision-makers and stakeholders." WUF10 gathered previous hosts of NUFs to advance lessons learned and share ideas on how to enhance such platforms.

This session will provide an opportunity to take those discussions further and share innovative mechanisms for advancing the role of multi-stakeholder platforms to scale-up efforts to localize the SDGs. An important element of this discussion will be how NUFs can be a platform for long-term solutions in a humanitarian crisis. given the current situation in Europe.

Guiding Questions for discussions

  • How can National Urban Forums be scaled up and become stronger tools for knowledge generation and exchange, grow stakeholder engagement and increase awareness on urban development?
  • How can National Urban Forums best support the formulation, implementation and monitoring of urban policies and regulatory frameworks to guide sustainable urbanization?
  • How can National Urban Forums be used to foresee for long term solutions in case of a humanitarian crisis?
  • How can National Urban Forums better articulate with sub-national and local platforms to strengthen related governance for action?
  • What role National Urban Forums play as key platforms for accelerating the localization of the SDGs?
  • How can the international dimension of policy making, and exchange of experiences can support multi-stakeholders platforms at the national level?

Concept Note:

Hon. Carmen Cecilia Lecaros Vertiz

Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of Peru | Vice Minister

Norliza Hashim

CEO, Urbanice Malaysia, Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Malaysia

Naomi Tsur

Israel Urban Forum | Founder and Executive Chair

Hon. Cecilia Chamutota

Ministry for Public Works, Housing and Water Resources | Vice Minister

Ángela de la Cruz Mera

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and urban Agenda of the Government of Spain | Deputy Director of Urban Policies

Hon. Grzegorz Puda

Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy in Poland

Martin Grisel

European Urban Knowledge Network | Director

Hon. Dario Herrera

Minister of Urban Development and Housing of Ecuador

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