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New bauhaus - sustainable architecture, green buildings and urban planning

Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys



Thursday, June 30, 2022


Urban Expo: Urban Library room
Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich
UL 19


New bauhaus is a new European initiative that brings together the worlds of science and technology, art and culture. The New European Bauhaus initiative calls on to build a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. The values that are closely linked to this idea are: • sustainability (from climate goals to circular economy, zero pollution and protecting biodiversity) • aesthetics (quality of experience and style, beyond functionality) • inclusion (from valuing diversity to ensuring accessibility and affordability) We will present a new UN Global Compact Network Poland report that addresses these topics in detail. It is titled "Green Buildings" and focuses on the concepts, designs, and challenges but also the advantages of creating cities and buildings in a green way, meaning low carbon and resource efficient. During the discussion on the report we want to raise the following issues: • Design and construction of highly energy-efficient, passive and ecological buildings and supporting legislative initiatives to facilitate these activities and in line with the EC "Fit for 55" Directives • Analysis of the possibilities of using the EU Social Climate Fund as an opportunity for the modernization of buildings in Poland. • Implementation of activities in line with the EU OBJECTIVE of achieving Climate Neutrality by Europe by 2050 - Including activities implementing the assumptions of the European Green Deal. • "Renovation Wave" - as a course of action related to the modernization of existing buildings and the prevention of sick building syndromes. • "New European Bauhaus" - as a direction of developing and supporting projects, ideas and initiatives supporting urban planning and transformation of the construction sector. • Aiming to reduce the "built-in carbon footprint" of building materials by promoting low-carbon technologies. • Developing a Circular Economy in relation to materials and technologies in construction and infrastructure. • Striving to reduce the "operational carbon footprint" by modernizing existing buildings and constructing new buildings.


UNGC Network Poland, together with SARP, wants to intensively develop the activities included in the 11 Sustainable Development Goal "Sustainable cities and communities", the implementation of which contributes to the improvement of the well-being of people and the planet. We want to deepen the dialogue on developing good practices for sustainable development in cities, taking into account not only the issues of buildings, but also a people-friendly environment, concern for air quality, and providing green space. We will take broadly the idea of sustainable architecture. The influence of the geographical region, culture, destination, age of the building, economy on the issues of sustainable architecture The main objective of the event is to create more awareness about the new bauhaus idea, its advantages and relevance to urban transformation planning. We will present an important new UN Global Compact Network Poland report on green buildings and architecture to a wider audience. The report will be the result of the work of business, experts, scientists, architects and a specially appointed working group of UN Global Compact Network Poland "GREEN BUILDING TEAM"We hope that as a result of this event, some of the participants of WUF11 will be interested in this publication and will implement the solutions proposed in the report.

Session speakers

Ms. Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys
Mr. Kamil Wyszkowski
Representative, Executive Director
UN Global Compact Network Poland
Ms. Małgorzata Getlich
Deputy Director of the Department of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy
Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Januchta-Szostak
Member of the UN GCNP Climate Council
Poznan University of Technology
Mr. Adam Ambrozik
Senior Manager Public Affairs CEE
Mr. Szymon Wojciechowski
APA Wojciechowski Architekci
Mr. José-Luis Cortés
The UIA - International Union of Architects
Ms. Magdalena Grońska
Health, Safety and Sustainability Culture Development
Lafarge Holcim