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Urban-rural partnerships

This event aims to provide a space for a dynamic discussion on the urban-rural linkages from the perspective of sustainable development.

Małgorzata Urbanska


date June 27, 2022 | 16:00 - 17:00
Urban Expo: Urban Library room
Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy
UL 2


This event aims to provide a space for a dynamic discussion on the urban-rural linkages from the perspective of sustainable development. It also aims to increase awareness on the fundamental value of the rural sector for sustainable development and about the need of reducing rural-urban disparities.

During the event we will disscuss how the practical dimension of cooperation translates into the implementation of territorial instruments. The event will be also a great occassion to present for the first time the recommendations resulting from the OECD report Urban-rural linkages in Poland.


The objectives of the event will be in particular to evaluate the strength, quality and direction of urban-rural linkages and their impact on growth and well-being. It is important to understand the key drivers and barriers affecting the linkages between urban and rural areas to provide policy recommendations for national and subnational governments and non-governmental organisations to develop co-ordinated strategies for urban-rural linkages.

The New Urban Agenda stresses the need to reduce urban-rural disparities, to foster equitable development across urban-rural areas, to encourage urban-rural interactions and connectivity by strengthening transport, technology and communication networks and infrastructure, underpinned by planning instruments based on a territorial approach in order to maximize the potential of these sectors for enhanced productivity, social, economic, and territorial cohesion, and environmental sustainability.

Urban-rural linkages have the potential to transform sustainable human development for the benefit of all. An enhanced understanding of the economic, social, cultural, and environmental interactions between rural and urban areas is key to advance sustainable development.

There is an urgent need to bridge knowledge and capacity gaps in relation to urban and rural challenges such as climate change, safety and security, disaster resilience, food security, health, diet and nutrition. The OECD report Urban-rural linkages in Poland provides elements for disscussing how cities can work together to optimize the use of cooperation for effective and efficient cooperation. 

Session speakers

Ms. Soo Jin-Kim
Head of the Urban Policies and Reviews Unit & Deputy Head of the cities, Urban Policies and sustainable Development Division, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities
Ms. Renata Calak
Director of the Strategy Department
Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy
Mr. Adam Czarnecki
Deputy Director, Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development
Polish Academy of Science
Mr. Tomasz Potkański
Deputy Director of the Research and Development Office
Association of Polish Cities
Ms. Marie Zezůlková
Head of the Urban Policy and Strategy Unit, Regional Policy Department
Ministry of Regional Development
Mr. Łukasz Krupa
Director of the Office of the Metropolia Bydgoszcz Association
Metropolia Bydgoszcz Association